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Welcome to THE HILT,
The premiere source of Lightsaber information on the web.
The goal of this page is to collect as many images, neat rules for Star Wars RPG, and tidbits of information about Lightsabers as is possible. 

This page is designed as a resource for RPG gamemasters and players in designing new Lightsabers, both for PCs and NPCs.  Hopefully you will find what you need here to create a truly unique Lighstaber. 

Also, I am always looking for new saber designs to add to the Sabers page.  If you have a good Saber design, email me a quick picture of it, along with the wielder's name, blade color, and any other interesting facts.  It doesn't have to be a detailed image...  A simple Paintbrush .BMP will do.


Currently showcasing 34 lightsabers

What's new here at THE HILT:


I corrected a few mistakes.  The RPG section is up, as are the sabers of Ulic Ti-Lorn, Aliesha Darkstar, and Darrin Arkanian.  Also, correct credit was given to the creator of Emlin Cazgroph's saber.


Well, it's been awhile since the last update.  Added several sabers:  Emlin, Drennin Valdoa, Exodus, Ulic Ti-Lorn, Orpin Frontar, and Lord Vader.  Also, the first info is up in the RPG section
Added a crapload of sabers that have been stewing on my hard drive for weeks.  Check them out. 


Added three more lightsabers from various RPG campaigns.  Check them out here


The Library section is open in the Sabers section.  Also, I added a disclaimer at the bottom of this page. 

Last updated:  7/13/99


All images on this site were made by me.  The information comes from various sources, all of which are sited under the heading Source on each page.  Most of the 3-D models dealing with the movies originated from the 3-D Modelling Alliance.  All others were made personally.  Due  to the type of modelling program I use, my models cannot be used in most 3-D programs, as they are on .scn rather than .3ds format.  

If you would like to use the images, feel free, but I would appreciate it if you would contact me first.