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"There is no way I can be a Jedi Knight. It's hopeless."
                                                                                                                                     -Aliesha Darkstar


  Aliesha Darkstar's Lightsaber 
Beam color:  Yellow 
Constructed by:  Herself 
Features:  Safety lock 
Source:  Draconian Conspiracy, RPG Campaign and 3-D saber created by  Jason Sunday

Notes:   Aliesha Darkstar is the young sister of the Jedi Knight Phoenix Darkstar.  Although her skills are few and underdeveloped, she has the Darkstar affinity for the lightsaber.  Phoenix, Aliesha's trainer in both Teras Kasi and the Jedi ways, has discovered his sister's skills as a quick learner, but also sees that her future is clouded.  Seeing that it is important not to focus too much time in Force training, Aliesha's teacher alternates between lessons and helping her with her archaeological surveys.  Despite her lack of faith in herself, Phoenix maintains that his sister holds great potential. 

Fairly unusual in design, Aliesha's saber reflects her unique artistic nature.  The casing is shorter than most, but is used to house only a single crystal and to controls, an activator and a blade lock.  To add to its craftmanship, Aliesha added the image of a snake to the black handgrip.  The saber uses no belt ring, and is meant to be carried. 

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Last updated:  7/22/99