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-Darth Exodus rarely speaks, trusting
on his imposing visage to make his statements


  Darth Exodus' Darksaber 
Beam color:  Red 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Belt ring, Force-blade length control
Source:  Dark Apprentice, RPG Campaign  (Brian Vencill) 

Notes:   This ornately engraved lightsaber is the masterful creation of the dark lord Darth Exodus, Sith apprentice to Darth Vile.  Taken from his parents as a child, Exodus was instructed in the ancient Jedi techniques of lightsaber combat and the secretive Korthandran fighting art of Korsana.  Once Vile felt that he was old enough, Exodus began work on his own saber.  Working for over a year just to finish the casing, the young Sith put all his efforts into creating one of the most unique and startling designs ever made.  Exodus stocked the insides of his weapon with rare Adegan Pontite crystals, trusting nothing other than the best for his creation.  When finalized, Exodus' lightsaber added greatly to the image of evil and terror he projected to those who would oppose him.

Young Exodus' weapon was designed for ease of movement and elegance, not fighting prowess.  Adding only the bare essentials to his artful creation, the Sith apprentice installed a simple activator switch, and a single luxury:  a Force-activated length variance.  However, on the inside, he added an oversized power cell to add considerably to the saber's charge life.  At the bottom of his ornately crafted hilt, Exodus installed a large durasteel belt ring for easy storage.

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Last updated:  7/11/99