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"Pain can give your dark memories too much
license to control the present, and to control you"
                                                                                                                                  -Excerpt from Emlin's journal


  Emlin Cazgroph's Darksaber  
Beam color:  Purple 
Constructed by:  Herself 
Features:  Belt ring, force activator, recharge port, assumed variable blade length 
Source:  The Will of the Mind, RPG Campaign  (Jack Hale) 

Notes:   Emlin's first lightsaber embodied the cold mysterious nature attributed to her during the time in which she constructed it, under the cold and approving tutilage of Emperor Palpatine.  It was built as part of her Dark Jedi training in the ways of the Sith.  Aside from the Emperor, only Emlin and one other person, a man named Flash, know the details of the saber's inner mechanism.  With Flash's modifications, the violet beam was increased in intensity, making it an even more fomidable weapon. 

Made of solid high polished durasteel, Emlin's saber has no buttons or controls to mar its seamless reflective surface, save for the dark, forboding cicuitry that can be glimpsed between the rings of the handgrip.  Seeing as Emlin was a well-trained Force user, the saber was built with a failsafe Force activator.  Although it cannot be proven, it was rumored that the blade length could also be modulated in this manner.  Hidden amidst the black circuitry is also a small recharge port.  Finally, the hilt is attached by a similarly highly polished belt ring.

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Last updated:  7/22/99