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"Anger conceived in the pursuit of righteous ends is anger nonetheless."
                                                                                                                                                -Emlin Cazgroph


  Emlin Cazgroph's Jedi Lightsaber  
Beam color:  Red 
Constructed by:  Herself 
Features:  Pressure grip, safety lock, variable length and width controls, upgraded lens assembly, belt ring 
Source:  The Will of the Mind, RPG Campaign.  Story and 3-D saber created by PeeWee

Notes:   This lightsaber was built by the Jedi Knight Emlin Caxgroph following her return to her master, Jacambra, to atone for straying from the Light path.  During her studies, Emlin was given access to the old Jedi's library of information on lightsaber construction, which included countless texts on casing design, variable beam functions, activation alignment, crystal configuration and cutting, and many other techniques.  With this information, Emlin was able to design a lightsaber with dozens of functions, highly customized to her individual needs.  This design was eventually passed down to Emlin's apprentice, who in turn crafted a multi-featured saber of similar design. 

Emlin's saber, as mentioned, contains an amazing amount of features.  The inner mechanisms, which have been squeezed into an unusually small casing, boast a wide variety of uses:  in place of an activator, Emlin's saber uses a pressure plate to start the beam, which can then be locked with the safety slide.  Two buttons, width and length controls, adorn the side of the handgrip just above the coils, and the wide, round emitter contains a high performance lens assembly capable of focusing with incredible accuracy.  The saber is attached via a small, lockable belt ring located on the base of the hilt.  Also, as a final touch, Emlin added her name and the date she completed the saber in red letters on the side of the casing.

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Last updated:  7/22/99