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"I am still young, yes.  But I have the Force as my ally..."
                                                                                                                                               -Jarvis Zarhn


  Jarvis Zarhn's Training Lightsaber  
Beam color:  Red 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Belt ring 
Source:  Crimson Dawn, RPG Campaign   

Notes:   The Jedi Knight known as Jarvis Zarhn spent several weeks building this lightsaber as a part of his training. The traditional Minlorian design shares several similarities with those of Draconian design, most notably the Jedi Arvorn Ragtok's.  The short four-blade emitter housing is present in both designs, as is the single outer-mounted belt ring. 

Zarhn's saber, although having a fairly menacing appearance, is actually very simple in design.  The blade-tipped emitter casing is connected to a single black durasteel shaft.  The handgrip is blank except for a lone polished activator button.  As mentioned, the saber utlizes a full-ring clip, as opposed to the more common half-ring style found on most of the newer-era weapons. 

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Last updated:  6/16/99