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"The anger is great in you...  Feel it grow in you...  Feel its power..."
                                                                                                                                     -Dark Jedi to Jarvis


  Jarvis Zarhn's Dual-Bladed Darksaber  
Beam color:  Pearlescent purple 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Belt ring, Force activator, dual blades 
Source:  Darkness Falls Always, RPG Campaign   

Notes:   This twin-blade saber was constructed by the fallen Jedi Jarvis Zarhn under the tutilage of the Dark Jedi Rahma.  AFter hearing of his family's death at the hands of the Empire, Jarvis' hatred corrupted his training, and he strayed from the path of the Light.  Under Rahma's watch, Jarvis learned much of the Sith ways, and used his anger to hunt down and kill every person who had participated in the murders.  It was only when he saw what his hatred had done to an innocent girl that he began to comprehend how far he had fallen.  Absorbed in confusion and cut off from his rage, Jarvis fled.  After months of reflection and atonement, Zarhn returned to the Light Side of the Force, where he now stands as a guardian of peace and justice.

Zarhn's darksaber is a mix of two very distinct older-era Dark Jedi weapons:  those of the Lords Maul and Null.  The durasteel shaft is of the same design as Null's, but uses Darth Maul's dual-blade emitter apparatuses.  A unique feature on Jarvis' weapon is the emitter-bound belt ring instead of the more common top- or end-mounted ring.  Rather than making use of a standard activator, Jarvis installed a Force activator, rendering the weapon useless to non Force-users.

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Last updated:  6/16/99