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"I'm sure you haven't forgotten, I'm the one who murdered your father."


  Jerec's Darksaber 
Beam color:  Red 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Ring clip 
Source:  Dark Forces II 

Notes:   Jerec's saber mirrors its owner:  simple, with all emphases placed on its ultimate purpose.  Jerec, the blind Dark Jedi who led the search for the fabled "Valley of the Jedi", was an utterly corrupt and evil man.  He used his weapon for blatant killing to suit his needs.  It was his blade that ended the physical existence of the Jedi Rahn.  This did not go unpunished, though, as Jerec was ultimately slain in self-defense by the newly realized Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn.  It is assumed that Katarn still holds Jerec's saber. 

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Last updated:  5/31/99