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"Where would you be without me?."
"I'd be a content old man!."
                                                                                                                                      -Jan Ors to Kyle


  Kyle's Lightsaber 
Beam color:  Green 
Constructed by:  Rahn 
Features:  None 
Source:  Dark Forces II 

Notes:   This lightsaber, originally constructed and used by the Jedi Knight Rahn, was given to Morgan Katarn for safe keepings shortly before his death.  It was stored in the droid Wee-Gee for some time before it was handed down to Kyle Katarn in his quest to become a Jedi.  Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Dark Jedi Bok near the Valley of the Jedi.  Kyle was then given Yun's lightsaber after the youth sacrificed himself for Kyle's sake. 

The lightsaber has an overall simplistic design.  Its only control is a large activation strip near the bottom.  Unlike most sabers, it uses neither a ring nor a peg clip for easy attachment to a belt. 

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Last updated:  5/31/99