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"The Force tells me that Nomi Sunrider can be a great Jedi."
                                                                                                                                               -Master Vodo


  Nomi Sunrider's Jedi Lightsaber 
Beam color:  Green 
Constructed by:  Herself 
Features:  Ring clip 
Source:  The Freedon Nadd Uprsing 

Notes:   Nomi Sunrider constructed this Lightsaber on the world of Ossus, under the careful tutilage of Jedi Master Vodo.  After a week of work, alongside Jedi Padawan Shoaneb Culu, Nomi completed her saber.  Its unusual design is powered by a rare crystal called Pontite, the very crystal that Nomi's husband, Andur Sunrider, was delivering to Master Thon the day he was murdered. 

Because she was a beginner, Nomi's lightsaber is of the simplest design, with only a wrap of cloth as a handgrip. 
Its only control is a single activation switch near the emitter.  Like most sabers of the period, Nomi's uses a belt ring 

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Last updated:  6/3/99