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"Republic Command?  This is Orpin Frontar on Galenorn...
We have a problem..."


  Orpin Frontar's Redsaber  
Beam color:  Variable; solid red or clear 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Belt ring, recharge socket, coolant system, variable beam visibility 
Source:  Proem to Absolution, RPG Campaign  (mine).

Notes:   This uniquely designed saber was built by the Jedi Padawan Orpin Frontar in the final stages of his training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.  The young human uses his lightsaber in defense of the Republic against the dark and mysterious forces of the "Dark Side Absolution".

While the handle itself is rather devoid of any striking craftsmanship, young Frontar's saber is the first in over 365 years to make use of a very difficult design characteristic: an infra-red beam.  The actual cutting blade itself is a charged field of focused I.R. waves, making the blade invisible in all but the most extreme conditions (in an oxygen-rich atmosphere, the blade will slightly warp the air around it).  Although this gives the young Padawan a distinct advantage, it is also incredibly difficult to use.  Another setback is the heat the blade puts off.  Unlike a normal saber, in which the blade emits no heat, a redsaber is capable of burning as well as cutting (the air near the blade reaches 2,500+ degrees).  As a result, Orpin's saber is built with an internal coolant system.  Unfortunately, the coolant mixture itself is very expensive, and must be replaced after every hour of continuous activation.  However, the redsaber is also capable of a visible beam.  A small filter inside the hilt, when activated, raises the frequency of the beam particles by 1 part per 1000.  This causes a partially transparent, bright red beam in place of the invisible blade.  Although the beam still emits heat, it s not nearly as hot as the un-filtered blade (reaching a peak of about 500 degrees).  This rather abnormal saber is completed by a power cell recharge socket and a belt ring. 

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Last updated:  7/9/99