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"The greatest teachers have their students surpass them"


  Ottar Doneeta's Darksaber  
Beam color:  Red 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Variable length 
Source:  Draconian Conspiracy, RPG Campaign  (Jason Sunday) 

Notes:   After resigning from the Jedi Academy in search for a quicker route to power, the Padawan named Ottar Doneeta was drawn in buy a dangerous and powerful Dark Jedi on Hoth.  Ottar quickly began to train in the Sith ways, constructing a new lightsaber within days of his apprenticeship to the Dark lord.  However, he was saved by the timely appearance of his friend and fellow trainee, Kryllon, who was able to lift the veil of darkness and show Ottar the error of his ways.  With the grip of the Dark Side gone, Ottar joined Kryllon against the Dark Jedi in a duel of epic proportions.  Though the two Padawan lacked experience, their combined strength in the Force was too much for their opponent, who eventually ended up decapitated at the hands of the Light Siders.  Having left his training in the Dark Side, Ottar returned to using his Jedi lightsaber, but continues to keep this dark weapon as a reminder as to how close he came to oblivion.

Its casing little more than a simple black durasteel tube, Ottar's darksaber seems designed to instill fear:  four squat, razor sharp steel blades cap the emitter nozzle, and the base of the handgrip bears an engraving of an exaggerated humanoid skull.  The control apparatus on the side of the casing  houses the variable length control, as well as the two activators (red for on, white for off).  To add to its simplistic design, Doneeta's saber has no belt clip or ring.

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Last updated:  6/15/99