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"I only know of one man who can help you...
He was my master.  A man named Quel-Drin Fal..."
                                                                                                                                        -Jedi Knight Mooren Thul


  Quel-Drin Fal's First Lightsaber  
Beam color:  Orange 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Handguard 
Source:  Dealings and Deception, RPG Campaign  (mine) 

Notes:   This ancient lightsaber is the only real evidence that the eons-old Jedi Scribe named Quel-Drin Fal ever existed.  Found in the Jedi's abandoned home on the forested planet of Roon by the Heroes of Bistaan, the rusty weapon  was soon discovered to be more than meets the eye.  After examination, a small datachip was found within the saber's casing.  Seeing it as odd to find two crystals in a saber with no variable blade controls, the outlaw tech named Blick Randym tested one of the crystals in the memory banks of the droid 8T-401, and was surprised to find an encoded file:  A galactic map with a single location.  As it was their only lead, the five adventurers set out for the ice world of Krimm... 

Quel-Drin's saber is a marvel of technology...  How many blasters can survive in a harsh environment for thousands of years?  Its even existence is a tesiment to the wise ways of the ancient Jedi, and to his prowess in the Force.  Quel-Drin's saber consists of little more than three durasteel tubes connected via a central shaft.  The closest thing the saber has to a handgrip is a simple wrap of black metal, which lies just below the activation and deactivation switches.  Like most lightsabers of its time, Quel-Drin's is attached by a small half-ring belt loop.

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Last updated:  6/15/99