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"I have been expecting you."
                                                                                                                             -Jedi Scribe Quel-Drin Fal


  Quel-Drin Fal's Second Lightsaber  
Beam color:  Orange 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Handguard 
Source:  An Outlaw's Paradise, RPG Campaign  (mine) 

Notes:   Very little is known about this lightsaber.  It was presumably constructed by the Jedi Scribe to replace the one he left behind during an attack by the forces of the Dark Side Absolution.  Just prior to fleeing the assault, Quel-Drin placed a small datacrystal containing his destination inside the casing of his first lightsaber.  He then escaped to the frigid ice world of Krimm, where is is assumed that he used the spare parts found in an abandoned tower to built this second saber.  When the Heroes of Bistaan came across Fal's abandoned home on Roon, they discovered the crystal and quickly proceeded to the ice world.  It is there that they first met the mysterious old Scribe, where they assumed that their problems were at an end.  Had they but known... 

Quel-Drin's saber is a masterpiece of design from the days predating the events of the famed millenia-old "Sith War".  Made of solid diretronium, Fal's weapon echoes the long-gone splendor of the Old Republic.  Its unusual shape is made even more ancient by the addition of the sword-and-spear-era handguard, and is topped by a series of elegant, dull-edged blades.  The only button is a single black activator  located on the handgrip.  The design forgoes the common power cell in favor of elongated "pill batteries" at the base, which ends in a scuffed metal hook for easy attachemnt to any surface.

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Last updated:  6/16/99