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"Where there is no emotion, there is indifference and apathy.
There is no ignorance, there are only idiots who don't know better.
If there is no passion, there can be no strength and courage.
There is the Force - there is also loyalty, duty, honor . . . and friends.
                                -The Jedi Code  (Interpreted by Ren Jones)."
  Ren's Lightsaber 
Beam color:  Royal purple 
Constructed by:  Herself 
Features:  Ring clip, power output controls, variable width and height, safety lock, waterproofing 
Source:  Adventures of the Chaos Crew, RPG Campaign  (Tony Case)

Notes:   New Republic Sergeant Ren Jones constructed this lightsaber in her free time, as a "hobby".  However, after her enlistment in the Republic Marines, she realized that it was more than a toy, and she began to learn the ways of the Force.  Now a fully trained Jedi Knight, she continues to use this original saber, although she has collected several others in her travels.  After multiple alterations and modifications, Ren has finally chosen a purple crystal for her weapon. 

Shorter than most, Ren's lightsaber manages to fit an amazing amount of features into its tiny casing.  The activator switch, placed well clear of the handgrip to prevent accidents during battle, has an integrated safety switch that locks the blade on.  Below that is the housing for the power controls, which modify beam length and width, as well as power output.  The saber can be set to a low "stun" setting, a feature few lightsabers posess.  The durasteel casing is waterproof, and includes a belt ring for easy storage. 

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Last updated:  6/3/99