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"I sense something, master...there is something not right here..."
                                                                                                                                               -Ulic Ti-Lorn


  Ulic Ti-Lorn's Lightsaber 
Beam color:  Blue 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Ring clip, blade lock, variable length, recharge socket 
Source:  Deceptions of Light and Dark, RPG Campaign  (Andrew) 

Notes:   This is the lightsaber of Ulic Ti-Lorn, the Padawan learner of the Jedi Master Qel-Gar Boran. At only 23, Ulic is young and headstrong, but still competent and completely devoted to the Force.  Ulic used his lightsaber to defeat the Dark Jedi Master Nord Sallen, who underestimated the yyoung apprentice.  The arrogant lord saw no real threat in Ulic's powers, and lowered his guard enough for Ti-Lorn to deliver the killing blow.  Ulic still continues to use his lightsaber to defend the Light Side and those who uphold it. 

While the handle itself is fairly simple and common, bearing striking similarities with the ligthsaber of the fallen Jedi Qui-Gon Kinn, it has enough devices to allow the brash Ulic to hold what he would call an upper hand.  The dark gunmetal durasteel casing covers the stack of internal power cells that form the handgrip, with the activator just below the emitter matrix.  Below that lies the blade lock, to guard against any accidental deactivation.  Below the handgrip, Ulic installed both a power cell recharge socket and a blade length adjuster.  A durasteel belt ring is attached to the small compartment in the bottom of the handle, which is used to store either food pellets of reserve power cells. 

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Last updated:  7/10/99