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"But really, such an old lightsaber is not a worthy weapon for you."
                                                                                                                                               -Emperor Palpatine


  Vima-Da-Boda's Lightsaber  
Beam color:  Blue-purple 
Constructed by:  Maker unknown 
Features:  None 
Source:  Dark Empire 

Notes:   This saber was given to Princess Leia Organa-Solo in the depths of the crime-ridden city of Nar Shadda during the Rebels' trip to visit Mako Spince.  The giver, a mysterious old woman called Vima-Da-Boda, disappeared shortly after delivering her weapon to Leia.  Very little is known of the history of this lightsaber.  Known to be over 10,000 years old, it has been handed down from Master to Padawan for several generations.  Though it's legacy remains a mystery, Leia used the saber to defend her brother on the Emperor's throne-world of Byss.  Unfortunately, the ancient weapon was no match for the Emperor's powers, as he shattered it with a mere wave of his hand.  This led Leia to construct a second lightsaber. 

Vima's saber was the ultimate in simplistic design.  It had a solid, one-piece durasteel casing, and a single activator button near the emitter.  It had no clip or belt ring, but instead used a Bantha-hide strap.

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Last updated:  6/2/99