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"In all my years I've only known Dark Jedi, never one
from the light side.  Somehow I expected more."


  Yun's Darksaber 
Beam color:  Yellow 
Constructed by:  Yun 
Features:  Variable width, height 
Source:  Dark Forces II 

Notes:   Yun, a confused youth raised by Dark Jedi, constructed his lightsaber with a unique design, using a semi-circle for the emitter, rather than the traditional tube or plate designs.  Although he fought fiercely with Kyle Katarn at Baron's Hed, he later gave his lightsaber, and his life, for the Jedi, having finally realized that a life of evil benefits no one.  Kyle used the saber to defeat Sariss and Bok, and finally to put an end to Jerec's reign.  Kyle still has the saber. 

Yun's saber is activated by gold pressure plates located on the handgrip.   It is assumed that the two buttons control beam height and width.  Like Kyle's saber, it uses neither a ring nor a peg clip for easy attachment to a belt, and is meant to be held. 

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Last updated:  5/31/99