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"I must save my master!"


  Zork Sunblade's Lightsaber  
Beam color:  Purple 
Constructed by:  Himself 
Features:  Variable length, recharge socket 
Source:  Draconian Conspiracy, RPG Campaign  (Jason Sunday) 

Notes:   The 11 year old human is a Jedi Padawan and apprentice to the Jedi named Arvorn Ragtok.  As part of his training, Zork constructed this lightsaber at the Jedi Temple, where he has lived since he was just six months old, and is still perfecting the art of lightsaber combat.  His mother died during his birth, and his Force sensetivity was discovered not long after by the resident Jedi Healer.  He is energetic, ambitious, and has aspirations to one day become the greatest Jedi ever.  This sometimes has an impact on histraining in the "here and now", but Master Arvorn has faith that these immaturities will eventually give way to the calmness and peace of the Jedi Code.

Zork's saber is one of his own design.  Similar in construction to the "coil-grip" style of Galactic War-era lightsabers such as Skywalker and Kenobi's, Zork's introduces a new twist by moving the controls halfway down the handgrip, and adding a "blade guard" to the emitter nozzle.  Aside from a length control knob, Sunblade's weapon features a rare recharge socket, employing re-infusable power cells in place of the more common "disposable" kind.  The weapon is attached via a simple silver belt ring at the base of the casing.

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Last updated:  6/15/99